Benefit now from a special offer regarding accommodation for a minimum of two weeks in one of the 3 types of modern and warmly Decebal Boutique hotel rooms.

Central positioning, in one of the most central areas of Bucharest, on Barbu Văcărescu Street, Decebal Boutique is the ideal location for a long-term accommodation at the highest standards.

What does long-term accommodation mean? A pleasant stay in one of the rooms of our 4 stars hotel, centrally located in Bucharest on Barbu Văcărescu Street. You benefit of accommodation conditions at the highest level, also giving us the pleasure to be our guest for a longer period of time.

Each room benefits from the following facilities:

  • Free WI-FI
  • Own toilet
  • LED TV
  • Air conditioning
  • Minibar
  • Safe
  • Ergonomic mattresses with memory
  • Covers and pillows with goose feathers
  • Room cleaning is done with steam-based devices, which will assure that the surfaces will be disinfected

Why choose long term accommodation at Hotel Decebal

There are certain times when you need an extended stay in Bucharest, in a certain location, appearance occurred after some professional business environment or simply an ample visit to your close relatives. Most often it becomes essential to opt for a hotel that offers a full range of facilities and professional services, and an ambient environment that will entertain for your entire stay.

The central location is the main advantage provided to you by Decebal Hotel in Bucharest, because in this way you have easy access to all tourist attractions of national importance. During this extended stay you will have nice moments, and the capitalization of these free hours will promptly give you multiple social satisfactions.

Its design, promoted by this exclusive location in downtown Bucharest has a pronounced note of customization, each room is defined by a customized decor with themed furniture items and a wide polychrome niche still. For example, if personal aesthetic preferences tend toward pastel shades and pale, like lime, blue, rose or mauve, it becomes essential to be accommodated in such a room, just by the fact that your spiritual state of mind will be improved in that time.

Our offers are customized based on the number of days you choose, being the main issue that configures deployment tariff plan. Discounts are equally important and cover the costs of daily maintenance facilities, such as regular cleaning, access to laundry, internet services and car parking. Decebal Boutique Hotel includes perfect location option for long-term accommodation, offering clients the best conditions of quality and facilities.

We strictly respect the needs and desires of our customers, which is why we decided to setup packages exclusively focused on long-term deals. Being located in the center of social and cultural capital, the hotel allows easy transportation between most points of interest. If you are an active person, you surely travel often, the capital being an economic top destination.

Accommodation right in the middle of the Capital

Wide range of accommodation options in Bucharest can aggravate your final decision, which is why it is essential to identify a framework that will provide a lot of important factors for your overall wellbeing. Friendly staff, extrinsically oriented to accommodate to your customer preferences, composed of an active team, prodinamic, discreet and experienced, each employee specialized in his field of activity.

The culinary plan is very important in everyday environment. Decebal Boutique Hotel has its own restaurant, which is an ideal location for evenings in which you want to relax after a busy day of work, situated in the center of Bucharest. In order to complete your culinary experience, the restaurant meets the consumer with an unique décor, with nautical inspired ornamental details, offering very affordable prices for tourists staying at our hotel for a long time.

The four star qualifier, owned by Decebal Hotel Bucharest is one more reason which recommends it like an unique central location, all 17 rooms being a sophisticated vast perimeter in a room that will accurately identify representative personal aesthetic vision. The hall for professional conferences or festive events, incorporates an efficient manner through which we ensure the completeness and complexity of our services. In this way, long-term accommodation can become a reliable solution for people who spend more time in a particular city, because they need a complete environment with which to meet the highest quality standards.